"Olive Oil Based Beauty & Body Products"


Olive Oil: The Foundation of Our Products

The Mediterranean Region of Europe is home to a tree which for many symbolizes strength, fertility and longevity. This same tree bears a fruit, which Mediterranean women say holds a “Fountain of Youth” in the oil which is pressed from it. 

This symbolic tree is the Olive Tree.

Now, no longer a secret, olive oil is most known for its exceptional moisturizing properties.  It has been known to help with eczema, psoriasis and acne.  Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, a natural skin protectant.  Found only in olive oil is Hydroxytyrosol, a very powerful anti-oxidant, which fights cell degeneration.  In simple terms, olive oil retains moisture and revitalizes skin, leaving it firm and smooth. 

The Pampered Olive  has discovered a way to utilize this wonderful oil in all our products to pamper you, your skin and your body. 

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